Tea Cup Chihuahua - Buyer Beware



If you are seeking a 'Tea-Cup Chihuahua', search no longer, this creature does not exist!

The Chihuahua is a small breed of dog, which can be any size up to 6 lb according to the written standard and quite often individuals will exceed this amount. They are not recognised as any more than either a Long Coat or Smooth Coat Chihuahua.

A 1kg Chihuahua is very small, but will not fit into a tea-cup. Within the breed there is a great variation of size, just like any other breed of dog and for that matter humans.

There are smaller Chihuahuas and larger Chihuahuas, but there are no 'tea-cup Chihuahuas'. Within a litter even, the sizes of individuals when adult can vary considerably from the very small to the very large, so even viewing the parents will not necessarily give an indication of the eventual size of a young pup.

When puppies are 8 weeks old, of course they are very small, but they grow and at 8 weeks, no one can tell you what size they will eventually grow to.

Most photos of 'Tea-Cup Chihuahuas' are very young pups that will actually fit into a tea-cup. They will not stay this size.

Very small Chihuahua pups are possibly that size because of health problems, others though live long healthy lives. It is the ones with health problems that can cause distress to new owners when they either die at a very early age or become a financial burden requiring constant veterinary care.

Potential buyers need to be aware of health issues such a hydrocephalus or heart problems.

If you really want a very small Chihuahua, you are best to leave buying one until it is at least 4 months old and then even 6 months is better.

At this time it should be clear as to their size and health status.

When buying a Chihuahua, seek out a breeder registered with the governing body in your state.

They will be able to refer you to the appropriate club for information and details on breeders with available pups.

Submitted by: Allison Rhodes of Reynosa Chihuahuas [email protected]